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Activate. Urltv. tv/Activate has offered Ultimate Rap Company rap episodes. URL.TV may be streamed on Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV, and other devices.

The Ultimate Rap League is the top MC Battle Arena. URL or SMACK, the Top Rap League features the top rappers, DJs, theme managers, and athletes.

Busta Rhymes, Sean Combs, Cassidy, Q-Tip, Joe Budden, Beanie Sigel, King Los, Funkmaster Flex, Jay-Z, Bow Wow, Kid Capri, Lupe Fiasco, Jadakiss, Kevin Durant, Adrien Broner, Lloyd Banks, Nick Cannon, DC Young Fly, and French Montana have backed URL. Download the URL.TV app, subscribe for $7.99 per month, then activate at

What’s Ultimate Rap League?

SMACK/URL is the world’s most respected MC Battle Arena situated in New York City. The aim of this league was to choose the top rappers, music supervisors, and DJs and provide them with a platform to display their creative talents. Many stars like Sean Combs, Kid Capri, Jay-Z, Q-Tip, and Joe Budden have supported the URL. If you want to watch the Ultimate Rap League, download the URL.TV app on your Roku-connected TV or other smart device and pay $7.99 a month. We’ve outlined how to activate the URL.TV app on different devices using

URL.TV Activation Instructions Can Be Found at

With rap’s popularity among teens, the Top Rap League has no limits. Most people prefer downloading the URL.TV app on their smart devices to watch the rap league at home. Install URLTV.TV on Roku and other devices, then activate it at

  • Ultimate Rap League subscription details.
  • Strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.
  • A streaming device that is compatible and linked to the TV.
  • Accessing requires either a tablet, mobile phone, or computer.

URL TV Roku login:

  • You can find the Roku Channel Store by going to the Home menu that is available on your device and tap on it.
  • After that, look for “URLTV.TV” by selecting the “search channel” option.
  • To add it, open the URLTV.TV app on your device and then tap the button labeled “add the channel.”
  • After successfully logging in, start the URLTV.TV channel and make a note of the activation code that appears on the screen.
  • Now, open up your web browser and guide to Once there, input the activation code that is currently being displayed on the screen of your device.
  • After that, all you need to do is press the activate button, and you’re finished.

Ultimate Rap League on Apple TV

  • Start Apple TV.
  • Homescreen
  • App Store.
  • Click Search.
  • Launch Ultimate Rap League Go.
  • If Ultimate Rap League doesn’t work, try URLTV.TV.
  • Install.
  • After installation, open Ultimate Rap League.
  • Enter your credentials.
  • Now the activation code appears.
  • Note the activation code.
  • Now visit
  • Enter your email address, then open the message and follow the instructions.
  • After signing in.
  • Code in.
  • Ultimate Rap League activation is on-screen.

 Ultimate Rap League App On Amazon Fire TV

  • You may access the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV by pressing the “home” button on the remote.
  • You may find the URLTV.TV app by selecting the “apps” option and searching for it.
  • To download and install the URLTV.TV app, select the “get” option from the menu.
  • After the installation is complete, start the URLTV.TV app, sign in and make a note of the URLTV.TV activation code.
  • Now, open up on your desktop computer or mobile device, and enter the activation code. Once you do so, you will be finished.

How Can I Start Watching URL TV on My Android Device?

  • To begin, on your Android device, a guide to the menu labeled “Settings,” and then pick “Setting.”
  • Visit the application store on the pursuit box and search for URL TV using the search bar.
  • As soon as you find it, download it, and then start using it.
  • Launch the application, and then sign in using the email address and secret key you specified when you registered for the service on their website.
  • Make a copy of your code using the screen from the URL TV app on your Android device.
  • At this time, launch the application and navigate to the URL TV execution site located at urltv. tv/actuate.
  • After you have glued the code, click the “Proceed” button.

How To Activate URLTV.TV On Samsung TV

  • To access the application account, use the remote control that reached your Samsung television and press the
  • “Smart Hub” button.
  • Try searching for “URLTV.TV” using the opportunity supplied for the search field.
  • After locating the URLTV.TV app, choose it, and then select the “install” button.
  • Launch the application and sign in using the credentials you normally use.
  • After successfully logging in, make a note of the activation code that appears on the screen.
  • Enter the activation code when you go to on a desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • The Ultimate Rap League will be available for your viewing pleasure on your Samsung TV after the code has been entered.


Q: URL TV subscription?
If you have professional co-op enactment, you don’t require URL TV membership. Happiness is available, though.

Q: Can I watch URL TV on my phone?
URL TV is available on phones. Download URL TV.

Q: URL fight time?
URL will perform at Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater on March 27, 2021, at 5 p.m. Fans can watch live on URL’s Caffeine channel.

Final  Word:

Fans of rap fights and other types of hip-hop entertainment will find that URL TV is a great resource for their needs. It is without a doubt something that is worth investing in, but in order to access anything, you will need to first carry out your record. This is where we come in since we have already provided you with the information necessary to activate URL TV on Roku and a variety of other devices. On the occasion that you have any other questions regarding this assistance or how to activate URL TV on Amazon Fire TV or Roku, please let us know.

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