Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows Is Affecting Your Health

Today, the streaming era has completely changed everything about the way people watch television. They no longer want to watch their favorite content on television because they cannot replay or pause the content for anything that comes up in the middle of the show. As more and more people are inclined toward these video streaming platforms, it has led to the emergence of a new concept called binge-watching.

According to Statista, about 46.6 million American households are expected to cut their television cords by 2024. The figures are expected to grow because several video streaming platforms have emerged. Some famous video streaming platforms include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime, and every platform offers several add-ons and premium channels, which is pretty enticing for the consumers.

Take the example of the DISH channel guide, it is quite popular among American households because it offers quality channels at market-competitive prices! Well, it is a trend nowadays because it helps foster better relationships with those who watch the same shows as they have something in common to talk about.

But are you aware of what binge-watching is doing to your health? If you are not aware, then this article is for you!

What Is Binge-watching?

Before we dive deep into this blog, let us first discuss the concept of binge-watching. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, watching several TV series episodes in rapid succession is known as binge-watching.

The average binge lasts for three hours and eight minutes, and approximately 73% of Americans admit to binge-watching their favorite TV shows.

The term emerged because of the most famous video streaming platform, Netflix. This video streaming platform released all the TV series episodes altogether and marked the era of binge-watching. Today, Netflix is not the only platform offering high-quality content. As Dish Network channel guide is another convenient option for people as it offers subscribers access to several channels.

Most of us sit down to watch a single episode after our hectic work schedule but end up watching more than half of the season.

Disadvantages of Binge-watching  

We have compiled a list of major disadvantages of binge-watching below; continue reading!

Physical Inactivity

If binge-watching is a part of your daily routine, then you should know it affects your health in several ways. When you binge-watch your favorite TV show, you sit in one place for long hours this can lead to obesity which eventually leads to heart diseases. Yes, the more time you spend on your couch, you lose time that could be used for exercising or walking.

Sleep Disturbances

We all know sleep plays a major role in our life! Quality sleep ensures we are mentally and physically well. But binge-watching affects the overall sleep quality because it interferes with the ability of our brain to cool down. As experts say, in order to live a happy life, one should sleep for at least seven hours at night.

Chances are, you work for more than nine hours, and later binge-watch your favorite TV show. Your brain needs rest; it cannot function 24/7, this constant cycle can cause sleep disturbances, and your health is likely to deteriorate.

Poor Diet

The streaming sites are addictive, and they are designed to hold you captive for longer hours. Due to the popularity of this term “binge-watching,” family-size crisps bags are also in demand! When you binge-watch, you eat more snacks such as chips, biscuits, popcorn, and so on. The fat and calories start to add up, and your body becomes habitual of it.

Social Isolation

If you binge-watch TV series and movies daily, they often become a substitute for companionship. You are likely to become socially isolated, which can lead to mental health issues in the long run. This lack of self-regulation or loneliness piles up, and you are no longer connected with your friends.

How to Better Consume TV Content

Well, there is nothing wrong with watching video content to entertain yourself! We are all stressed out due to work or challenges that life throws our way, and watching your favorite show can be a helpful way to escape everyday stress. We know it is hard to shut down our minds, so watching something entertaining can help you during such stressful times.

However, you need to prioritize everything and ensure that you do not binge-watch video content to such an extent that it starts affecting your health. Eat healthily, get enough sleep, and do not exhaust yourself, no matter how entertaining the series is!

Take Away

We hope you understand the disadvantages of binge-watching! People do not realize that it can affect their health in the long run. Therefore, it is advised that you do not binge-watch your favorite TV shows or movies in excess. As moderation is the key to success!