Top 15 Current Nutrition Trends [Updated2022]

Here are our predictions for the year ahead in terms of food, health, and wellness.

Current nutrition trends 2022: What is influencing the food and nutrition industry. Like as Daily dialogues, and future innovation?

Our experts weigh in on the top ten health and nutrition trends for 2022 and beyond.

You’ll discover our experts’ unique viewpoints on each trend. As well as tools that help you understand how sustainable nutrition affects the global food chain.



Top 15 Current Nutrition Trends 2022 List

  1. Immune health
  2. Personalized nutrition
  3. Technology and the future of food
  4. Active aging
  5. Plant-based future
  6. Botanical boom
  7. Beauty from the Inside Out

  8. Edibles & Cannabis

  9. Superfood Lattes

  10. Waste-Free Cookin

  11. Alcohol-Free Options
  12. Seeded Foods
  13. Lower-Sugar Foods
  14. Pollution Nutrition
  15. Virtual Wellness

#1: Immune Health

Immune system boosters that are both healthy and effective Don’t take up smoking. Consume plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet. Exercise on a regular basis. Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly.

Immunity is your body’s ability to recognize and reject microorganisms.,


Thereby preventing them from infecting you and causing illness.


Identifying and eliminating potentially harmful microorganisms that enter the body before they may cause disease or damage is part of the immune system’s job description. Immunity can be divided into two categories: innate and adaptive.

Protecting your child’s body from foreign intruders is the job of the immune system. These include pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungus, as well as poisons like arsenic and lead.

#2: Personalized nutrition

Personalized nutrition


The related individual’s genetic and phenotypic information, as well as medical and nutritional information. Also, other vital information is all considered in customized nutrition. This information is used to give specialized healthy eating and nutritional counseling based on need. Personalized nutrition is based on the belief that tailoring nutritional advice.

Products, or services to the specific needs of an individual are more beneficial than using a generic approach. Genetic or phenotypic evidence of varied reactions to foods/nutrients can be the basis for personalization.

#3: Technology and the future of food

Technology and the future of food


A visual representation of the topic “Technology and food’s future”
Apps that run on mobile devices and integrate new technologies, such as QR-based menus, contactless payments, online customization of meals, ingredient traceability, and AI-enabled smart cameras, are altering the food-tech business.

This might minimize land consumption by up to 99 percent for the production of meat through ideas like cultured meat. Because of advancements in technology in recent years. It has become much more affordable to produce cultured meat patties. The environmental inputs required by traditional procedures like precision fermentation can be eliminated with methods like precision fermentation. The destiny of our world is in the hands of science.

#4: Active aging

Active aging


Crawford County’s regional agency on aging, Active Aging, was founded in 1974 and serves the entire county. We are your neighbors, and we are members of the same communities in which you live.

The World Health Organization and the European Commission have lately introduced the notion of “active aging,” which is also being used in HRM. Employees are expected to work longer hours and retire at an older age under this model, which promotes a more flexible work environment.

#5: Plant-based future

Plant-based future


Any plant-based innovation should prioritize nutrition. A major factor in consumers choosing plant-based goods (Winning with Plant-based, Kerry Proprietary Research 2020; Innova Trends Survey 2020 and 2021). With so much emphasis on plant-based alternatives to animal meals, it’s vital to remember that animal foods do play a part in a healthy diet and sustainable food systems.

Many people choose to live a vegan lifestyle because it is more beneficial to the environment. Meat-based diets demand more resources to generate food, such as land, water, and energy, but vegan diets require less agriculture to produce food.

A lot of things, like the cost and availability of meat, may be to blame for this. People also want to eat healthier and more sustainably. In grocery stores and restaurants, there has been a huge rise in the number of plant-based options. This gives people more options than ever before.

#6: Botanical boom

Botanical boom


Consumers’ interest in herbal goods goes back a long way… Consumers have taken preventative measures in recent years due to economic uncertainty.

Since ancient times, botanicals have been utilized to treat a wide range of ailments. Botanicals in food, drink, and supplements are expected to grow in popularity worldwide by 2022, thanks to shifting consumer preferences toward natural plant-based goods and an increased focus on mental and physical well-being and well-being (4 percent CAGR).

Examples include ashwagandha, ginseng, ginkgo, and well-known herbs such as mint, vanilla, and garlic, which express multiple “healthy halo” meanings for the customer.

#7:Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty from the Inside Out


With an increase in the number of people seeking dermatologist-approved sunscreens and the best collagen powders, the topic of skin health has been increasingly popular in recent years. Gray hair prevention and reversal were also a hot topic in the news.

Alternatively, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Paulina Porizkova, who have both publicly embraced the process of maturation, have shown that aging gracefully is possible. This protein, keratin, is expected to become more popular in the coming months as individuals continue to investigate the link between nutrition and the health of their hair, nails, and skin.

We think that beauty begins on the inside and extends to the outside, which is why we crafted the right mixtures of beautifully natural and organic products to nourish your skin from the inside out.

#8: Edibles & Cannabis

Edibles & Cannabis


While marijuana usage is still illegal under federal law in the United States, many states have pushed to legalize and decriminalize it in recent years. In 2022, marijuana reform proposals are expected in at least nine more states. Edibles articles on had a 179 percent rise in views this year (although hemp and CBD articles saw modest dips), Williams says.

As more states legalize recreational cannabis, consumers will want to know everything from what happens to your body when you eat edibles to how to cook with cannabis.

 #9:Superfood Lattes

Superfood Lattes

From functional coffee mixes to adaptogen add-ins, people are looking for more than a caffeine buzz in their morning cup of joe. On we saw interest in matcha grow 5% this year. Views on “turmeric latte” grew 39%. Superfood latte mixes exploded on the market, with brands like Golde, Blume, and celeb-loved Clevr touting functional ingredients with health benefits.

Think turmeric, matcha, reishi, and cacao. On Google trends, “Clevr blends” was a breakout term this year and search queries for “Golde matcha” saw a 40% increase in the last year. Are they worth the hype? A healthy diet that includes fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean protein sources, and high-fiber whole grains is really all you need to get your fill of important nutrients, says Seaver. So don’t feel like you have to hop on the functional beverage train to be healthy, especially since some of these products can be pricy.

#10: Waste-Free Cooking

Waste-Free Cooking


People will be seeking ways to cook, shop, and consume more sustainably. Williams reports a 1,242% increase in views on food waste articles on The EatingWell editor-in-chief says: “Consumers will increasingly focus on decreasing kitchen package waste. It will be crucial to use less plastic.” Trader Joe’s, for example, has committed to minimizing and eliminating needless plastic packaging (earlier this year, they even dedicated air time on their podcast to talk about a new biodegradable wrapper for English cucumbers). Expect more retailers and food manufacturers to reduce waste.

#11:Alcohol-Free Options

Alcohol-Free Options


While a month may seem short, it can help with acid reflux, weight loss, concentration, immunity, and more restful sleep. However, he warns that quick-fix challenges can be dangerous for heavy drinkers/alcoholics and are not a substitute for recovery programs or rehab. You can learn about your actual relationship with alcohol and make long-term improvements after identifying trouble areas in your drinking patterns. It’s easy to lose track of your drinking habits.”

#12:Seeded Foods

Plant-based future

A variety of health benefits can be obtained from seeds, which are high in nutrients. These small but mighty kernels are high in vitamins and minerals, which the body requires in order to function at its optimal performance level. Seeds are incredibly adaptable and can be easily included in a wide range of different recipes.

Seeds make great snacks on their own, but you can also find them in Health Warrior’s Pumpkin Seed Bars, Go Raw sprouted-seed bars, Simple Mills Seed Flour Crackers, and AshaPops Popped Water Lily Seeds.

#13:Lower-Sugar Foods


A balanced diet is essential for persons who have prediabetes, diabetes, or any other condition that affects blood sugar levels to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

While some foods, such as those high in added sugar and processed carbohydrates, might contribute to blood sugar variations, others can help to maintain stable blood sugar levels while also improving general health and well-being.

#14:Pollution Nutrition

Nutritional pollution is the process in which an excessive amount of nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, are introduced into bodies of water, where they might act as fertilizer, resulting in the excessive development of algae. The runoff of nutrients from land in metropolitan areas where lawn and garden fertilizers are applied is a concern.

#15:Virtual Wellness


The goal of virtual employee wellness programs is to promote healthy habits among distant workers.. Slack, Zoom, and social media are all used in these efforts. They focus on the mental, physical, social, and financial aspects of employee wellness.

Efforts designed to encourage employees to adopt healthy habits are known as employee wellness programs. The goal of these initiatives is to improve employee well-being and morale while reducing absences and liabilities. There are many ways to improve the mental, social, and physical well-being of remote workers through virtual employee wellness programs

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