How to activate Netflix on your tv

Netflix has inexpensive movies, TV series, and original content. Netflix works on most internet-connected computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. This wikiHow explains how to stream Netflix on different devices.

The streaming service is available in most countries, however, certain content is geo-restricted according to regional laws and rules.

What is Netflix Tv?

How to activate Netflix on your tv

Demand for 4K TVs has led to more 4K content. YouTube has been around for a while, but it lacks TV-quality material and programming. Netflix boasts a huge library of TV series, originals, and movies. Exclusive material and oldies are available. Most smart TVs include Netflix. Some versions have a Netflix-specific remote. Set up Netflix on the TV and start streaming. Netflix offers free trials. How to get Netflix on your TV, step-by-step.

Using Netflix on your tv 

You may use this page to learn about the features that Netflix offers on Samsung televisions, projectors, Blu-ray players, and home theatre systems, including how to set up your account and sign out of it. Follow the instructions in the “Set up Netflix” section if you are unsure as to whether or not Netflix is compatible with the device you are using.

Netflix streaming capabilities on compatible devices include:

Netflix is global. Some older devices only operate in the nation where they were purchased. Check with the manufacturer to determine if your new gadget supports Netflix.


On most devices, you may browse TV series and movies, including My List. Each row reflects a category you’ve viewed (such as comedy or dramas).


Most devices can stream Netflix in HD on fast internet connections and at their highest supported resolution.

Open the Smart TV applications on your television.

Most Smart TV remotes feature an applications button. This button is usually a logo or brand name. Use your TV remote, not your cable box or universal remote.

Samsung: To access other settings, select the icon that resembles a cube with a variety of colors

LG: Touch the button labeled “My Apps.”.

Sony: Please press the button labeled Internet Apps.

Panasonic: To access the applications, press the button.

Press the Vizio logo button or choose SmartCast as your TV’s video source.

How to Stream Netflix on Your TV Using Your Mobile Device

Both the iOS and Android versions of the Netflix app provide you the ability to stream content directly to your television using a device such as Chromecast or Roku. This is the procedure to follow:

Are you already familiar with Netflix?

Start by internet-connecting the TV.

Open Netflix. Press the Netflix button on the TV remote. Sign in by clicking “Sign in” Netflix is currently on TV.

First time using Netflix?

Follow these instructions to get Netflix on your TV if you’re new.

Launch Netflix on a connected TV.

Click “Free month” Next, you’ll see free-month rules. Continue.

Choose between Basic, Standard, and Premium. Click “Continue” when you’re ready. Netflix’s website has details on each plan.

Create a Netflix account when prompted. Continue.

To create a Netflix account, enter your cellphone number.

You’ll get a link through SMS. Open it in a browser and click Continue

Continue after entering your email and password. If you want to continue using Netflix after the trial, set up your payment.

Enter credit card info, click “I agree,” then “Start Membership.” Netflix is now available on TV.

After login, everything is easy. Home, Series, Films, Recently Added, and My List is on Netflix’s main screen. Trending Now, Netflix Originals, Action, Adventures, etc. You may make your own playlist. You can sync your material on other devices so you can watch it on your phone, tablet, or laptop when you’re away from home.

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