How to turn Off Voice on Roku

This article shows how to turn Off Voice on Roku. You can disable the function remotely or under Accessibility settings.

Specific Roku channels feature audio-guided programming that may be toggled during playback or in the app settings.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku


You have two different alternatives available to you in the event that you inadvertently activate the Roku narrator, which is also referred to as the Roku Audio Guide.

How to disable the speech function on Roku by using the remote

how to turn off vioce on roku

Screen Reader is helpful for visually challenged Roku users. If it’s accidentally turned on, use a shortcut on the Roku remote to turn it off.

To activate or deactivate the Screen Reader, rapidly press the asterisk button located on the Roku remote a total of four times in succession.

Utilize the Accessibility Settings on your Roku.

You may disable the narration on your Roku by going to the Accessibility menu and selecting the appropriate option.

  • Navigate to Settings > Accessibility from the Home screen of your Roku device.
  • Under Audio Guide, pick Audio Guide or Screen reader.
  • To turn off this feature, highlight the Off button.

How to Disable Roku’s Voice Remote Access Via the Settings Menu

Sometimes the shortcut approach doesn’t work. You may switch on and off the audio descriptions using Roku settings. Because it’s app-specific, the feature is normally deactivated by default. This disables audio.

  1. Press the Roku home button to reach the home screen.
  2.  Choose Roku Settings from the left menu.
  3. Proceed to the next screen, and once there, select the Accessibility option.
  4. Select Audio Guide from the menu that appears after clicking on the Accessibility tab.
  5. To turn off the option, choose the off button.
  6.  After doing so, the Roku voice will no longer function.
  7.  When you want to turn it back on in the future, you may simply repeat the previous steps.

The “Audio Description” feature on Netflix will be deactivated.

You will need to go through a few steps in order to disable the “Audio Description” feature on your Netflix account. Following are the steps:

  • Show a video or put on a show.
  • The menu will become accessible once the video has been paused.
  • Simply choose the “Audio and Subtitles” icon located within the dialogue box by clicking on it.
  • Replace “Audio Description” with a different sort of audio.
  • You will be able to quickly disable “Audio Description” if you follow the instructions that have been provided above in this article.

Last Word:

People who have various types of disabilities can, in general, benefit from using “Audio Description.” On the other hand, if you do not belong to any of those categories, it may be frustrating for you to watch a movie with the “Audio Description” option activated. If you follow the strategies that have been outlined, you will have the ability to solve the issue with voice narration in a very short amount of time.

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