How to Watch Local Channels on Your Roku device

You may be asking how to access local channels on Roku if you want more than streaming services and applications. Free and paid options exist.

Channels covering local news and weather are no longer the missing element to your streaming experience—there are more alternatives than ever before!

A Roku streaming device can mix your favorite streaming apps. Most providers offer on-demand programming, but what about local TV? You can access local Roku channels using this guide.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Local Channels on Roku

Local Channels on  Roku


Live local networks may be streamed on Roku.

The first is a “slim bundle” of live TV streaming services. Each thin bundle’s principal network feeds are confined to specified markets. You can easily tell if you’re in a lucky market.


Free over-the-air TV may be coupled with the Roku platform in a few ways.


Several interesting alternatives remain. How to view local channels on Roku without cable.

Official channels for local television on Roku.

More than 100 local news networks provide free material, including WSB-TV Channel 2, WTVF News Channel 5, News 12, Boston 25, WPXI Channel 11 News, FOX13 Memphis News, WBRC FOX 6 News, and KGTV 10 News San Diego.

You subscribe to Live TV services like fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, or Sling TV to watch local sports networks and listen to local radio stations like iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and from your living room.

Channels Serving the Local Area Available on Roku

Local Channels onRoku

Some news stations feature local weather, but there are also weather-only programs. Like news channels, you may enter your zip code to obtain local weather predictions, reports, and warnings.

Roku local radio and podcasts

You may add radio station channels on Roku. Channels like TuneIn and iHeart feature local and old-town radio stations. Local channels, podcasts, sports, and more are available.

How to use an antenna to get free broadcasts of local stations

Never used an antenna? Sure. Today’s HDTV antennas aren’t bunny-ears-and-tinfoil. Depending on the antenna, you can watch local programs from 100 miles away. The location might affect the number of stations you get, thus your antenna mileage may vary.

With Roku TV’s Live TV and HD antenna options, you can reduce cable contracts without sacrificing functionality. Roku TVs are part of a comprehensive cord-cutting setup thanks to features like local network integration in the Live TV Channel Guide and the ability to search both live and streaming channels.

Roku users may create their own local channels using YouTube.

Streaming content from all of your preferred television channels is always an option thanks to YouTube TV. Staying current is simple thanks to the meteoric growth in the number of regional networks broadcasting their programming live on YouTube around the clock, seven days a week.

Even if you are unable to see the episodes or programs in their entirety, you may at least catch up by watching snippets and clips online. This will ensure that you do not miss any of the actions.

Additional Live TV Applications

A subscription-based streaming service is an additional option for Roku users interested in watching live and local TV channels. Although some services, like Netflix, only provide on-demand material, certain streaming platforms, like Hulu + Live TV and Paramount Plus, offer both on-demand and live programming. Other services, like Netflix, only offer on-demand content.

Take use of Screen Mirroring.

Local Channels on  Roku

You can mirror another device with local channels to your Roku if none of the preceding options work. If you access local channels on an iOS, Android, or Windows device, you can mirror it to your Roku and watch on the big screen.

The Final Word

Local channels are easy to view on Roku. Traditional methods include cable-alternative services and HD antennas. This is helpful for watching live sports. Free Roku applications don’t offer such access and focus on news. Since we already watch the news on YouTube, this has transferred over to free local news applications. Alternatively, open YouTube.

Roku’s devices cover a wide range of demands. Roku Express+ is the only way to stream applications on an older TV because it has a composite cable. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is a popular gadget (similar to Amazon’s Fire Stick). It supports 4K and HDR TVs and has a voice-controlled remote.

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