Activate KCTV5 News on Smart Tv

The KCTV5 News Locker Room offers all the latest sports news on the Tigers, Jayhawks, Royals, Wildcats, and Chiefs.

Once you download the KCTV5 app, you can access unique investigative reports. weather forecasts, sports news, and stories that are only available on 5.

such as Friday Night Flights, Top 5, Good Questions, and Call For Action. Let us begin our Activation guide of KCTV5 via

What is KCTV5 News?

KCTV5 News

KCTV5 News provides satellite and radar photos of Kansas City and nearby regions. The KCTV5 app provides local news, weather, sports, and traffic for Kansas City, Missouri, and nearby locations. This app delivers on-demand news from KCTV5 and lives streaming video so you can stay informed.

Everything You Need to Know About KCTV5, Which Is Required Before Activation

Local events KCTV’s Android, iPhone, and streaming app have the answer. It provides live and on-demand news, weather, traffic, local events, and sports highlights from major Kansas City news sources. Plus, you get all-day local access to KCTV5 news. The KCTV live app provides Kansas City news and weather. Four-day forecast, news, and sports coverage of your favorite teams. The app mixes local and national news.

Kansas City news and local events. This app includes KCCTV 5 programming. KCTV5 News’ app provides local weather, live streaming video, and the latest stories. The hottest news and sports apps are here. Kansas City news, weather, and sports in one app. Watch KCTV5 videos online. Install on your streaming device to get newscasts, weather, sports, traffic, and movie information.

What’s the best way to get KCTV5

Create a KCTV5 Kansas City account here. Step-by-step instructions are here.

  • Visit on PC.
  • Click Register Here to create an account.
  • Email, Username, and Password are needed.
  • After completing these data, check “I’m not a robot.”
  • Press Create Account to create an account.

Installing KCTV5 News –  on Firestick/Fire TV 

Go to the home screen’s Apps area to find KCTV5 News Fire Stick. Choose “KCTV5 News
The applications are categorized to help you locate what you need.

Using the Search Function to Download KCTV5 News

  • Launch Fire Stick and pick the search icon. Top left of your screen.
  • Search “KCTV5 News.” You’ll see recommendations. Choose “KCTV5 News “
  • Download “Get” (If you’ve downloaded KCTV5 News before, you’ll see the Download option.)
  • Open this app when the download is complete.

activate to Get KCTV5 Updates on Roku

KCTV5’s Roku app makes watching simpler and more fun.

  • Start Roku.
  • Ensure a high-speed Internet connection.
  • By pressing the Roku remote’s Home button, you can return home.
  • Drop-down menu: Streaming Channels.
  • Click Search Channels.
  • Search this
  • On-screen popup. Unique activation code.
  • Save the code before visiting
  • Sign in on your computer’s activation page.
  • Click Sign In.
  • Enter the activation code to complete.
  • Success will appear on the screen. This implies your Roku will receive sports news.

Activate to Get KCTV5 Updates on Apple Tv

Apple TV offers KCTV5 News. Here’s how to obtain the Apple TV local news app.

  • Before activating Apple TV, connect it to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the App Store’s search box from the home screen.
  • The app is searchable.
  • Press Get to install.
  • The app launch is imminent.
  • Enter information to get an activation code (if any).
  • Take the code and your phone out.
  • On your mobile device, visit
  • Click Sign In.
  • Input the code.
  • Press Activate.

Your device can stream content.

Activate to Get KCTV5 Updates on Amazon Fire Tv

Local news source KCTV5 News is available on Fire TV. Follow these steps to see investigations, news headlines, and notable Kansas City videos.

  • Starting your phone activates it.
  • Search Amazon for KCTV5 News.
  • Follow on-screen directions to install the app.
  • Click for a code. The registration code should be saved.
  • You’ll immediately open your PC.
  • Activate your account.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Now activated. Fire TV should have the latest news.


KCTV5 News is now available to watch for free on a variety of smart devices, including the iPhone, Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, and others. The KCTV5 app is a free app that provides real-time information on a variety of topics, including live weather, live traffic, live sports, live event coverage, and much more. The software also includes a dynamic radar that displays the progression of storms in real time and can be interacted with. We really hope that you found our article at on how to activate it on your streaming devices to be helpful.

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