RTE’s Daithi O’Se

 says you’re never prepared to be a father ‘It’s the three of us, we’re a gang’

In one way, the Today Show host is happy that the virus has slowed time and given him to spend more time with his wife Rita and son try and give.

Dáith ‘Sé spoke to upon parenting his eight-year-old son die, saying that you can never be prepared to be a father.

But, he noted that once you take on the role, your partner and baby become your top priority.

He, his wife Rita, and give are a “gang” at his house, and the three of them always do everything together.

“I don’t think you can ever be prepared to be a parent,” Dáith told RSVP Magazine, “but you can always be a good person.”

“You realize you have to care for this child, and there is a feeling of excitement that comes with it.

“But, in one sense, you don’t think being a parent; you simply consider what is best for your wife and kids.

“They take priority before you. Rita and I, for example, never go away for a night or a weekend without him because we don’t want to.

“It’s the three of us, we’re a gang, and you don’t want to go without one of us.” That’s just how we like it.”

Dáith is grateful in one way that the virus has slowed time and helped him to spend more time with his family.

“You walk through life and meet people,” he remarked. Then you go to the next level and have a kid, which is a really happy and wonderful time in your life.

“There’s no use in my working nonstop before he goes to college and I’m left wondering, ‘Where did the last 18 years go?'”

“The virus has slowed time, but we always have something to look forward to as a group.”


RTE’s Daithi O’Se

As a father, Dáith thinks it is important to remain self-aware so that the years do not pass him by.

The RTÉ anchor stated: “Dads now are not the same as dads in my father’s day. Don’t get me wrong, he worked extremely hard, but his family time was not like ours.

“This is the kind of family life I wish; I want to be present instead of working all the time. But it’s possible that my father had to work all the time.”

He sees many similarities in parenting between himself and his own father.

He cracked a joke: “I go around the house turning off all the lights. Years ago, we had a home phone, and my father would walk into the kitchen and order you to hang up.

He continued, saying: “As a parent, you try to pass on to your kid the greatest things that were passed down to you. However, society is moving, and you must adapt to the changes.”

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