Sligo mum transformed her life after losing 12 stone

Sligo’s mum transformed and went on to shed an amazing 12 stone and now feels worlds away from her at her heaviest. She told: “The weight had never gotten in the way of my life significantly, I managed very well.”

But in recent years it crept up and higher until I ultimately hit the 24 stone milestone. My health was starting to become harmed at that moment.

Leanna got to 24 stone and began to develop some serious health issues, but as a mum of three, she decided she would turn things around so she could stay a happy and healthy mum.

sligo mum transformed

Leanna moved to see her primary care doctor, who talked to her about her relationship with food, her sweets addiction, and how likely it is that she has a binge eating disorder.

which is a problem with the way she eats. She said. “I might lose a little bit, but then I’d put it back on, and I’d gain even more.” “I felt like I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of eating.”

Sligo’s mum transformed decision to have bariatric surgery made by Leanna was not based on how she would appear after the treatment or whether or not she would reach a specific weight. rather, it was a medical necessity.

She remarks, “I don’t do this to fit into a size 10 pants,” and that was exactly what she meant. “I did it for the sake of my body.

“It’s not a magic bullet, and you have to put in a lot of effort to see results. You are responsible for making the appropriate choices, and you must engage in physical activity. It’s only a tool, after all.

“People who are overweight can get surgery there. Just like if someone needed their appendix or gallbladder taken out.

There is surgery for that. Same thing with being overweight. I don’t think that enough people talk about it.”

She described her joints as “very painful.” The distance I could walk before I got out of breath was only a few blocks. As a prediabetic,

A lot of problems were beginning to arise.

I was sometimes so tired in the morning that I couldn’t get out of bed. For me and my family, this was the finest decision I could have taken. ”

An amazing accomplishment.

Leanna’s weight reached 24 stone, and she started experiencing some major health problems. As a result, she was able to decide to make a change in order to continue to be a happy and healthy mom to her three children.

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