The Bachelorette season 19: Meet Gabby and Rachel’s men!

After a tragic end to their experience on The Bachelor Season 26 with Clayton Echard, will Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey find love in The Bachelorette Season 19? ABC has revealed images and profiles for the 32 men looking to find love with one of the women.

After the Final Rose, the two women expressed what they want in a guy with Jesse Palmer (who will return as presenter). Gabby wants an “emotionally educated” and “mature” guy “who can push me” Rachel wants a “supporting” and “lover” Will these men work? Let’s see.

For now, you can scroll down to get to know the suitors for the first season of The Bachelorette with two leads. Among them are twins, a mentality coach, a leisure executive, a meatball enthusiast, and a crypto guy.

The Bachelorette season 19

It’s possible that this will be the season of The Bachelorette that has the most drama… ever! Rachel Recchia, 26, and Gabby Windey, 31, are both picking a spouse from a pool of 32 guys, thus the possibilities are high that they may find themselves “falling for” some of the same men. Recchia and Windey are both dual Bachelorettes. On the other hand, here’s hope that the greatest friends would choose their sisterhood over their six-packs. Let’s get to know the men who will be vying for roses on the next season of The Bachelor, which will premiere on ABC later this year. Before their “journey” begins, let’s discover a little bit more about them.

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