How to Activate Viki App on Roku At is one of the main global streaming video providers, like Hulu in the U.S. The service offers 11-country programming.

Unlike other sites, it delivers streaming videos and the actual content. 200 languages are supported.

Based in San Francisco, Roku is a famous streaming video provider which gives excellent service. Unlike the lonely experience.

you receive on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, the big users of the US OTT content team, Viki provides you with the latest, most interesting, and community-oriented material which has garnered huge attraction amongst the young.

Do You Already Have an Account on Rakuten Viki?

Do you have Rakuten Viki? If you don’t have a Viki account, follow this tutorial to register on the website.

  • Visit Rakuten Viki’s signup page.
  • Choose an option.
  • Fill out the following window to register.
  • After verifying your credentials, your Viki account is created.
  • Next, learn how to activate Viki on multiple devices.

Viki App Activation on Multiple Devices

Rakuten Viki supports Roku, Fire TV, etc. Follow these steps to activate Viki on different devices and watch free Asian dramas.

How can I get started with Viki on my Roku device?

Steps to add and activate Viki on Roku:

  • First, log into the Roku channel shop.
  • Click Add channel on the Viki app.
  • The platform is then downloaded.
  • Activate the platform afterward.
  • So, visit
  • There, access Viki.
  • The activation code will be required.
  • Continue to activate the app

Viki on Roku: How to Install?

Viki was on all Rokus till 2018. Roku pulled the app afterward. Viki’s private channel on Roku is suggested for streaming. Here’s how:

  • Sign in to Roku using a web browser or other device.
  • Proceed to the Account Management screen.
  • With a code, select ‘Add Channel.’
  • In the search results for vikiglobaltv, select the “Viki app” option.
  • Take a look at the warning notice and touch ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Turn on the Roku device and visit Systems in settings to make adjustments. Finish

Using a proxy or VPN. Do what? message?

An “Unblocker,” a VPN, or a proxy server may cause you to see this error notice because Viki has determined that you are trying to access the website using one of these methods. In the event that this is the case, you might want to consider disabling your Virtual Private Network (VPN), proxy, and/or “Unblocker” service. Even if you are using the app from a location that is allowed, you should consider resuming the program.

Questions That Are Typically Asked by People

Is Rakuten Viki Free?

It’s a huge yes to it! Using a Viki Pass Subscription service will allow you to watch videos on Rakuten Viki without incurring any costs. Using this service, you are able to view Rakuten Viki without being interrupted by commercials.

How can I insert a new message line?

Shift+Enter will add a new line to your message, but you can’t send it right immediately. Then, create your message.

How can I change Viki’s language on iOS and Android?


Settings > General Management > Language to change Android’s language.

Select a language.

Press and hold the language’s arrow symbol, then drag it to the top of the menu.

Can I Stream Viki on Roku?

Yes! Roku supports Rakuten Viki. Viki on Roku may be activated at using the article’s instructions.


Rakuten Viki has approximately 1,700 TV episodes and movies from Korea, Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, and Thailand. The service offers free, ad-supported streaming (with content restrictions) and tiered subscriptions for $4.99 and $9.99 per month. Desktop browsers, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV+, Android TV, Chromecast, and mobile devices may access the service.

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