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The level of information to which we have access today is largely responsible for the things that we do today.

The recently launched SYNC Connect makes it possible for owners of Ford vehicles to maintain connectivity in ways that simplify access to information and remote controls.

In addition, owners can maintain connectivity with every other device, including smartphones, personal computers, and other electronic devices that require internet access in order to function.

www Syncmyride Com Activate


Vehicles with Traffic, Directions, and Information can be made or updated. Customers must activate the services online in their SYNC Owner Account, then connect the vehicle.

Customers sign up at syncmyride.com.
Customers access services by pushing VOICE and saying “Service”
Second owners of a vehicle with Traffic, Directions, and Information can purchase a membership at syncmyride.com and activate the services.

Use syncmyride.com/activate to enable Sync My Ride.

Once you configure Ford Sync My Ride, you can use your smartphone with SYNC AppLink, Ford+Alexa, SYNC Connect FordPass, and SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot. Follow these steps to connect your smartphone.

Ford Sync Registration Journey
Create a Ford Sync My Ride account before activating SYNC My Ride.
How to create an account:

Go to ‘SYNC my Ride’ on your computer, phone, or tablet’s online browser.

Select ‘Your Settings’ under ‘HELLO, YOUR NAME’
On its website, click HELLO, YOUR NAME, then Your Settings.

“Vehicles & SYNC”:
Click Vehicles & SYNC under Settings.

Click ‘Add a Number’ under ‘SYNC Mobile Settings’
Next, select Add a Number from SYNC Mobile Settings.

Details needed:
Enter your phone number and nickname. As your phone’s moniker.

Ford Sync Destinations app:
Then download, install, and enable Bluetooth on the phone. Once connected, the Ford will start immediately.

Other Capabilities of the Ford SYNC System

AppLink lets you launch and manage smartphone apps with voice commands or your Ford’s touchscreen.
Ford+Alexa can find traffic to your office and local shop. Ford+Alexa includes over 30,000 useful features. It connects to smart home gadgets.
FordPass allows remote car control and security. You can follow your car’s position, acquire important info, chill it before entering, and lock or unlock it remotely.
The Hotspot connects up to 10 devices simultaneously and has a 50-foot range.
Sync 3 Android Auto/Apple CarPlay makes and receives calls. Live traffic updates and voice-guided navigation are available.

  1.  SYNC Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot — With Ford SYNC connect Wi-Fi, you can connect a minimum of 10 devices 50 feet away from the vehicle, allowing you to manage your car even while you’re invisible.
  2. SYNC Connect FordPass provides you with remote control of your Ford vehicle. This feature allows ford owners to handle some automobile functions remotely, such as tracking vehicle location, locking/unlocking doors, activating AC/Heating, etc.
  3.  SYNC AppLink – With SYNC Applink, ford owners can handle their phone capabilities while driving via voice command or their vehicle’s touchscreen; functions include answering incoming calls, accessing Apps, playing music, opening text messages, and more.
  4. Ford+Alexa – With Ford+Alexa, ford car owners can remotely obtain traffic information before stopping, changing routes, or bracing for traffic.
  5.  SYNC 3 Android-Apple CarPlay-Bluetooth Ford car play lets you stream music and listen to voicemails using SYNC connect.

The procedure to set up SYNC My Ride is as follows:

To set up SYNC My Ride, follow these steps:

Register at Ford Sync My Ride.
After clicking “HELLO, YOUR NAME,” select “Your Settings.”
Choose “Vehicles & SYNC.”
There’s “SYNC Mobile Settings.” Select “Add Number.”
Enter your phone number and device nickname.
After downloading Ford Sync Destinations, install it.
Start the Ford with Bluetooth on your phone.
Follow the steps above to enable Sync My Ride at syncmyride.com/activate.

How Do I Sign Up for SyncMyRide as a New User?

Be sure to have a Ford account before setting up SYNC AppLink. If you have one, skip this.

Ford registration.

Enter your email and click Request Email.

Click Verify on Ford’s email.

After verifying your email, enter your Password, First Name, and Last Name.

Next, tick the checkbox to accept the terms.

Click Sign Up.

Your Ford account is online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up SYNC?
SYNC: Phone > Add Phone. Your phone may now find the system and show a PIN. Select Ford SYNC from your phone’s Bluetooth menu. When the two start pairing, SYNC verifies the request.

SYNC allows vehicle tracking.
SYNC Connect-equipped vehicles can use FordPassTM to remotely start, lock, unlock and check fuel level.

What is car sync?
SYNC is a simple in-car connectivity system that allows hands-free calls and voice commands.

Sync My Ride disappeared.
Ford is discontinuing SYNC® Services. Beginning July 1, 2017, paid SYNC Services subscriptions cannot be purchased or renewed.