Zooqle Proxy: 100% Working Updated 2022 List

Zooqle Proxy: Zooqle is a good torrent service for downloading games, software, movies, TV programs, and music. Google is used for movies and TV shows.

Its Alexa rank of 8,253 shows its popularity. In many locations, Zooqle can only be accessed through proxy services and mirrors.

The streaming site got popular. At some events, hotlines and domain name providers took the site offline. It’s unclear if legal force obtained down the torrent behemoth.

What exactly is Zooqle?

Zooqle Proxy

Zooqle, a torrent indexing website with a large database of verified torrents, was designed as an immediate result of Torrentz.com’s finding to shut down its doors.

Zooqle is newer than its competitors, but its huge selection has helped them stand out in the Torrent Market. Zooqle categorizes torrents well, creating it easy to study TV Shows/Web Series, search movies by video quality, or subscribe via RSS.

Active Zooqle proxy/mirror sites in 2022

These websites are Zooqle 2021 mirrors. Users may download movies, games, and software from these mirror sites. If you can’t access these mirror sites, use a VPN to change your IP address or proxy.

Zooqe Mirror/Proxy Sites Status Speed
https://zooqle.immunicity.kim Active Normal
https://zooqle.unblocked.kim Active Fast
https://zooqle.unblocked.tw Active Very Fast
https://zooqle.bypassed.kim Active Normal
https://zooqle.bypassed.re Active Normal
https://zooqle4-com.unblocked.lol Active Fast
https://zooqle-com.pbproxy2.co Active Fast
https://zooqle.unblocked.re Active Fast
https://zooqle.immunicity.re Active Normal
https://zooqle-com.pbproxy.red Active Very Fast
https://unblocked.tk/zooqle.php Active Very Fast
https://zooqle.bypassed.pm Active Very Fast
https://zooqle.immunicity.mba Active Slow
https://zooqle.unblocked.pm Active Slow
http://zooqle.unlockpro.party Active Fast
https://zooqle.bypassed.mba Active Fast
https://torrentunblock.com/unblock/zooqle.com Active Very Fast
https://zooqle.ukunblock.win Active Fast
https://zooqle.usunblock.win Active Normal

Servers for Proxy Access to Zooqle

Proxy servers help you access Zooqle. It’s between you and the websites you visit. Design, needs, and business policy affect proxy server performance, safety, and privacy.

Using a proxy server routes your traffic to the most IP. The answer is then returned through the same proxy server, which sends you the page’s contents

Zooqle Alternatives

If the primary Zooqle proxy sites don’t work, try Zooqle alternatives. Zooqle is a good service, but there are others that hold files, games, books, and movies. Choose an option at our house.

Add a Zooqle proxy

Do you know a proxy, not on Zooqle’s list? Help us collect proxies. Remark on new links. Or compose!

Zooqle Features

Zooqle is a great torrent site with more parts than others. We tried the site for a week and outlined its benefits.

Downloads of a very high quality

Zooqle offers many movie and tv series torrent types. The links are tabulated by quality (480p, 720p, etc.) to make it simpler to download the chosen format.

Comic books and digital books

Zooqle is a great site to find new books, audiobooks, comics, periodicals, and more. The site has several ebooks.

Express VPN Unblock Zooqle 

If you can’t unblock Zooqle, try ExpressVPN to anonymize Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Choose IP addresses from different nations.


Zooqle. immunity. Kim is a proxy or mirror site. After a shutdown, it returned with a new URL. Despite URL changes, it’s a great torrent origin offering films, eBooks, and software.


Zooqle.unblocked.tw is a worldwide torrent website that streams illegal movies, TV shows, and video games. Large website is known for copyrighted stuff.

Final word

This blog article, which discusses the top Zooqle proxies and mirror websites, would be very well received by our group. Keep this item saved so that you may visit proxy or mirror pages when you are blocking Zooqle and continue to download the movies or TV shows or web shows of your choosing without any interruptions.

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